While there is still no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, research has shown that by stimulating the brain and exercising the body, new neural networks can be formed that can slow the progression. 

That is why in 2018 we offered over 400 classes on a diverse array of subjects.  Whether we’re learning about music or doing exercise, all of our classes center around participation. We want everyone involved and stimulating their brains.

Beyond the benefit of classes, we know socialization through our program can help fight the isolation and depression that often accompanies memory loss.

We offer a judgment-free zone where everyone attending is working toward the same goal: maximization of mental and physical health through continued learning.

Memory Aerobics

Keeping active is an important way to help preserve brain power. The phrase “Use it or loose it” is our motto. This class helps maximize concentration and challenges individuals with a variety of fun and exciting memory exercises. Through regular memory aerobics we work to stimulate the neural networks, similar to when a person goes to the gym to build muscles. .

Literary Expression

Poetry serves to stimulate memory in people who may have learned poems in school, memorized them, or read them to their children. This workshop involves reading poetry together aloud and sharing in the experience of individual and group poetry writing. Caregivers are invited to participate in these classes, helping to serve as a way of opening up paths of communication through the shared creative experience.

Art & Perception

Discussing art though the ages we learn about famous artists and their major and minor works. Our art educators provide an exciting atmosphere as we learn about the works of art that lie within the walls of museums around the world. Looking at art is only half the experience, as we also explore art making though our own creative expression.

Musical Journeys

Music is another way to help stimulate the mind. New neural networks may even form in the brain when listening to music, singing or playing an instrument. This class invites participants, those with memory
problems and their caregivers to share together in the joy that music can bring. Classes range in theme from learning about Opera, to discussions about different musical styles, as well as creating our own music.

In the News

Keeping up on the news of the day is the focus of this workshop. Whether it is the exchange of ideas, learning something new, or defending your views, this workshop works to reinforce recollection of the events of the day.

Inter-generational and Special Programs

From time to time we partner with schools and museums to offer classes that bring seniors and children together for mutual learning. In the past we’ve had programs on cooking, photography, and computers.

Chair Yoga

This class is designed for those who may have practiced yoga in the past, or for those who are trying it for the first time. Yoga provides exercise for the mind and body, while also helping to release stress, improve mood and enhance ones overall sense of inner balance.

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